Who will you fall for? Demon, vampire, angel, or werewolf? Lets find out

by: Starry_Eyed

I got bored so I decided to make on of these! Hooray for bordem! Oh and this one is not going to have pictures because they are supposed to be mystery people so if you want to know what they look like, wait for the next one.

  1. 1

    Okay so lets say your name is Shae an You look however you want to look like. Your moms died your dad left when you were a kid you have no friends and you are all on your own. Are you ready to start?

  2. 2

    You are headed towards the bus station and you decide to take a short cut through a dark alley. You hear a noise from behind you and you turn around and ask if anyones there.

  3. 3

    you end up doing what number for does DONT CHANGE ANSWER! and when you get there you see that there is no one in sight. You turn back around decided its fine when you here it again.

  4. 4

    You turn around again and only this time you are walking faster towards the way out of the alley. You hear the noise again but it only makes you walk faster. Desperate to get away from whatever it is.

  5. 5

    Someone grabs you from behind covering your mouth so as you scream you can only scream against his hand. You try and break away but he is holding on to tight! as you try and get away he brings a knife

  6. 6

    You try and break away but ends up making the knife cut into your neck and blood starts running down your neck making you whimper and stay completely still "you done now?" The man asks.

  7. 7

    "Now say goodbye." He takes the knife away from your throut and goes down to stab you in the stomach but is thrown backwards taking you with him. You roll away from him and then,

  8. 8

    Someone grabs you from behind, "gotcha! are you okay?" you fight against him. Youdont care that he is asking if you are alright, all you care about is that you just got attacked and now someone else h

  9. 9

    "Get a hold on her!" He yells and someone else grabs onto you, "god! How hard can it be to catch this little thing?" In a panic you bite his hand and he lets you go, "$__! SHE BIT ME!"

  10. 10

    "You guys are such whimps!" says a guy with night black hair and icy blue eyes. He grabs onto you and you cant get away no matter how much you fight, "cant I just put the b***h down?" "you mean killin

  11. 11

    "I still dont like it." the guy ith the black hair says, "but since we are stuck taking her back." faster then human eyes could handle he cinks his teeth into your neck and your vivion runs away from

  12. 12

    Okay so I most definity AM NOT going to make another one of these until I get at least five different people to coment saying GOOD things. thank you, that is all I ask

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