Your faith Your love Your destiny {vampire, werewolf, demon, angel, neko, mood elementor, and grim reaper}

by: JayJayGirl

A fun little quiz because I was bored.

  1. 1

    Your walking around in the woods

  2. 2

    You couldn't stop replaying the horrible fight you had with your friends then went home to be yelled at and disowned by your parents because of curfew

  3. 3

    You run into some guy

  4. 4

    Next thing you know everything turns black

  5. 5

    you wake up to 7 guys around ... not one girl

  6. 6

    one had fangs, another a cat tail and cat ears, another was in a dark cloth with a scythe,one hand dark wings, another had white wings, one had eyes that kept changing colors, and one normal one

  7. 7

    the normal one starts... "hello im mike and im a werewolf"

  8. 8

    the one with fangs sad "if you didnt notice im a vampire"

  9. 9

    "neko" kitty boy "demon" black wing "angel" white wing "mood elementer" the colorful eyes "grim reaper" said the one with the sythe

  10. 10

    too long well im stopping here what you think

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