WWYFF Vampire, Werewolf, Demon or Dark Angel??

WWYFF Vampire, Werewolf, Demon or Dark Angel??

by: Twi_Shelly123

Okay.... Recap. Yesterday u just went on the tour with Adrian and had an amazing time. Today is shopping with MAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    U get up feeling weird... oh ya u just found out u are a dark charmer. What is that?? U heaar a knock on the door and quickly get dressed. U wear the same jeans and a big tshirt that belonged to Mason

  3. 3

    U open the dorr surprised to find Mason on the other side. "Oh he Mason? Is Max okay?" U ask. He nods and laughs "YUP. I just thought I'd get my start making breakfeast for u." He smiled and u couldnt

  4. 4

    help but smile back. His black hair hangin just above his eyes. He offers his arm and u take it. "So Mason what exactly is a Dark Charmer?" u ask. He stops in the kitchen and looks at u. "Who told u

  5. 5

    "So I draw Dark creatures to me? Is that what u guys are?" u ask. he nods. "I guess but we're different types. Like different animals. And ya u r SO a charmer with the way we All like u." he says

  6. 6

    "Uhmmm... My lady." Max comes in and bows to u. U giggle as he takes ur hand and brings it to his lips. "Shall we go?" U nod and wave bye to Mason but he's already gone. As soon as ur outside Max

  7. 7

    lifts u up and begins to carry u. "what r u doing?" He shrugs. "____ it's faster and more romantic if I carry u. Don't u agree?" U blush and nod. then he begins to run with a speed faster than the

  8. 8

    "nonesense." he says pulling u toward an expensive store. "Buy whatever u like. Don't look at the price just decide whether u like it or not. After all u will be living here." He says smiling.

  9. 9

    u go into the store and pick up 2 things. He looks at u up and down studying u. U blush and look away. After a minute he brings a whole rack of clothes ur size and ur taste. "here, go try them on what

  10. 10

    There's about 50 million different things to try on. U pick the sexiest thing in there which was hard to decide because they almost all were except a few hundres sweaters and pants.

  11. 11

    U walk out of the room and have the satisfaction of watching his eyes pop wide open. Slowly a smile spreads and hes pulling u towards him." ____ u are so beautiful." He whispers in ur ear.

  12. 12

    Just then two teen guys walked toward them and looked at u. They grinned and looked at max's hold on u. "You dude, u know how to pick 'em. She's hot. U mind is I borrow her?" Max lets go of u and

  13. 13

    grabs them both by the collar and yanks them upright. "Don't even DARE think about her that way. Infact dont even think about her at all. If u do i swear I'll hit u so hard by the time u

  14. 14

    Even though he didn't yell u even trembled becasue his voice was even more threatning when he didn't yell. He dropped the boys and they ran as fast as they could in the other direction.

  15. 15

    He turned towards u and pulled u to him. "please forgive me _. It's just that I couldn't bare to hear their repulsive thoughts of u. It made me angry to see that they thought of u in such a vile

  16. 16

    His eyes were so blue andu felt as though u could be lost in them forever. "I.. I think we can cash out I mean u have great selection and all."u say

  17. 17

    You guys walk away and head toward another store when ur stomach growls. "Well, i guess its time we get something to eat." he said grinning looking at ur stomach. U head to the food court.

  18. 18

    "Well, I think urs has mostly to do with the fact that ur beautiful." He said honestly looking at ur face. "Max what are u?" u ask blushing.

  19. 19

    "I.... I'm a Vampire. Not like the fairytale ones the real ones." He says closing his eyes. "Oh," u say. "Why are u closing ur eyes?" u ask.

  20. 20

    "Of u? No way. Just the opposite. I... I think I sort of like u alot." U say blushing. He smiled. "Well that's good to know." he said.

  21. 21

    "Umm.. no. Becasue ur a charmer. Charmers are resistent to all powers Except persuasion. So like, I can put thoughts in ur head and control ur emotions but i can never read ur mind. I've tried. So has

  22. 22

    "I can't tell u. That's their secret if they wish to share. I will tell u one thing, ur in good hands. All four of us are the strongest of our clans. Ur very lucky." He smiles and his eyes shine.

  23. 23

    "R u ready to go?" He asks. U nod and lift ur arms for him to carry u. He lifts u in one hand while carrying the bags in his other hand.

  24. 24

    U arrive at home and he walks u up to ur room. U see Adrian leaning against ur door. "Hey __, Max." He nods to ur date. "How was the shopping? Find everything to ur liking?" He grinned mischeviously.

  25. 25

    "Yes I did. Thank u Max." Max gave Adrian a little play shove as he kissed u goodnight. "Good night my lady. Sleep well." He turned and walked away after giving Adrian a smack on the back.

  26. 26

    Adrian glared at him and then turned to u. "U have gifts in ur room waiting for u. I saw to it that they were set on ur bed. Goodnight___." He said smiling slightly. then he turned and alked away with

  27. 27

    It said,"Dear___ ur hair glistens in the sun, ur smile shines like nothing I've ever seen and my heart u've won. Don't leave me in this broken state say u'll go out with me, on a date?"

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    COMMENT!!!!!! or MESSAGE!!!!

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    Write in the comments who u should end up with!!

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