is he falling for you? (very accurate+advice)

by: AbbyBabe

is he falling for you? do you see that look in his eyes.. or just want to no and want some tips and want some answears! take this quiz ;)

  1. 1

    whenever you see him does he..?

  2. 2

    your looking right into his eyes while his talking his..

  3. 3

    does he ever compliment your hair or anything about you?..

  4. 4

    how mutch do you like him?

  5. 5

    does he get along with your parents?..

  6. 6

    does he ever talk about how you met..

  7. 7

    what do his friends do..

  8. 8

    does he look nervous or unsteady when talking to you..?

  9. 9

    have your hands ever touched before?..

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