Will you fall for a Demon, Vampyre, Lycan, Angel and Neko

Will you fall for a Demon, Vampyre, Lycan, Angel and Neko

by: 2InnocentLooking4urSafety

Hey peoplez, i have done loads of these quizzes and lurve them so i decided to try and make one. So her goes nothing.
That girl is you. Your name is Valkyrie NightShade, your 17 have purple hair and black eyes. You sword is called Tirith and you are a hunter. Got it? Okay.
Here we go..

  1. 1

    So you read the information right... Tell me you read the box.

  2. 2

    Ready? Okay. You are sitting in front of your skool when a black car pulls up and throws your sword and a heavy envelope at you. You pick up your lovely sword Tirith and srap her acroos your back, you

  3. 3

    Knowing that it is a hunting mission you smiel in glee and start to run towards teh house, once in front of it you pull Tirith out of her seath. "Come out and play" you call loudly "A boy with white

  4. 4

    THE boy stares at you before calling back to the house "Zain, Derek, Tyrone, Koiry get out here!" 4 other boys come running out of the house, they stare at you in shock before one of them with silver

  5. 5

    The others rush at you, except for the neko, he presses back against the wall, with terrified eyes. You fight the others and curse under your breath. Not a fair fight. There is more of them than me.

  6. 6

    Everyone freezes even you, then you sword is out of your hand and teh tip pointed at your neck. "Zain! I said stop" shouts the winged guy (angel) "She is gonna kill us" Zain snarls nastily, putting

  7. 7


  8. 8

    Alright then 3&4 say it with me. Then.....CLIFFHANGER!!!!

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