Michael Jackson Lyrics Quiz (HARD)


Welcome dare devils! (I say that because you have to be sure of yourself to take this HARD lyrics quiz.) Be prepared for some know and mostly unknown MJ songs! Good luck!!!! Thanks!!!!

  1. 1

    Which song: " Helpless like a baby, sensual disguise. I can't help but love you, its gettign better all the time."

  2. 2

    "He out shock in every single way, he'll stop at nothing just to get his political say. He think he bad cause he's BSTA, I bet he never had a social life anyway."

  3. 3

    " You're saluting the flag, the country trusts you, Now your wearing a badge, you're called the " Just Few".

  4. 4

    " Live and sin, ten years ago on this day my heart was yearning. I promised I would never ever be returning. Where my baby broke my heart and left me yearning."

  5. 5

    Finish the lyrics: " She's from a world of popcorn and candy, pony rides for a dime, little chindren laughing."

  6. 6

    Finish the lyrics: " He wanna do somethign freaky to you, he wanna wrap his arms all around you girl. He wanna shake it up shake it down,"

  7. 7

    Which song: " Girl, your every wonder in this world to me, a treasure time won't steal away."

  8. 8

    " West bound Greyhound, to tinsel town, just to pursue her movie star dreams."

  9. 9

    Finish the lyrics: " He's coming at ya, coming at ya rather too fast. Mama say mama got you in a zig zag."

  10. 10

    Which song: " Girl, there's a better way, talkin' about me and you. You sittin' around with a long face, thinkin' up nothing to do."

  11. 11

    Which song: " I don't wanna move when I'm in her hands, there's nothing I can do or say. Put everything on hold cancel all my plans, tell everybody I'm away."

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