Will you fall for a Demon, Vampyre, Lycan, Angel or Neko part 2

Will you fall for a Demon, Vampyre, Lycan, Angel or Neko part 2

by: 2InnocentLooking4urSafety

Okay so we left of where Zain had you at sword point (using your own sword). I'm not gonna ask if that's right because i am sure it is. If not u have every right to yell at me. (plz dnt)
Well, get into the mood and lets get started.

  1. 1

    Okay so here we go. (if you dnt no were here is u shuld have read the box) A trail of blood drips down your neck and into your top. The blonde one with red eyes follows it and stares. You blush and

  2. 2

    "Tyrone, knock her out" says Marius (Angel) You struggle to get away, elbowing Tyrone in the gut. He swears and bends your wrist backwards. You scream and Zain whips forwards whacking the hilt of your

  3. 3

    You wake up and no, you are not in a bed or even on the floor. You are chained to a wall, very creativly swering unda ur breath u struggle uselessly. U can move your legs but thats about it. A door

  4. 4

    U figur that ther is no reson y u cant tell them plus stranglation is not the way u wanna go. "Valkyrie NightShade" u answer, choking. His hand moves down adn u lash out kicking him in the groin. He

  5. 5

    Marius walks up to stand behind Koiry, "I am sorry for this but we had no other choice, it was this or kill u" he says "Well, thanks, i guess" u say. "If we undo the chains will u attak us" he asks "u

  6. 6

    You grab Tirith and spin around. "I thought u wernt gona attak us" he says. "I dint mean to, auto reflex" u say, holding you rsword out in front of you. Suddenly Tyrone rears up and comes at u. (dont

  7. 7

    With your sword pointed at Koiry and every one watching you silently and anxiously u debate what to do. U do not want to hurt Koiry, and if you hurt either of them u'll be dead within seonds. U...

  8. 8

    dont change ur answer but you end up doing number 4 then 6. Everyone relaxes a friction before u make a run for the door. Arms come around you waist and swing you back into the room. Then someone has

  9. 9

    You tremble then gasp in pain as he diggs his fingers into part of your arm. you look over at the bite mark left from wen Derek bit you. "S^*^" you swear. A vampyre bite. You've been trained and told

  10. 10

    OKay and CLIFFHANGER, again. Thats the end of that one plz comment and teel me waht u think.

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