wwyff Vampire, Demon, or Dark Angel part 5

by: LoverOfTheVamp

sooo yesh ik u guys want Brenda GONE FO EVE MWAHAHAAH :3 srry my lil evil momento there heheheeheh XD

  1. 1

    OK ya soooo yup recap- Brenda threatened u blah blah blah

  2. 2

    "W-what was she...she jst jumped out of the window...and jst....turned into an eagel....jst she..,"u babbled but then Jake inturrepts sayin,"she's a shapshifter".

  3. 3

    U look shocked but jst shake it off. U guys finish eatting and for the rest of the day hang in the game room. Soon night comes and u go to bed. Ur about to fall to sleep when u hear a noise.

  4. 4

    U try to back up but ur not fast enough. She lashes out at ur leg leaving behind a huge gash. U glare at her and kick her back yelling B**** and slap her then with ur nails. She looks at u shocked.

  5. 5

    Jst before anything else can happen the door opens revealing three shocked faces."Brenda wat r doin here" asks Jake.Brenda starts to crys and says,"Oh JAKE SHE KIDNAPPED ME TRYING TO KEEP U ALL TO HER

  6. 6

    "Brenda, _ would never do anything like that......I should of known u would have done this....Brenda We're over,"says Jake. Right away Brenda freezes and wipes away the "tears" she then starts

  7. 7

    to glare at u, then runs through ur window making it shatter as she turns into an eagle. U finally notice how badly injured u got, the gash on ur leg is very very deep and u lost a lot of blood

  8. 8

    Ur eyesite starts to fade and u feel ur knees buckle, last thing u see is Alex and Nate running towards u.

  9. 9

    U open ur eyes to see ur in another room. The room is darker and has bands all over the wall who u never heard of. Jst then Alex walks in,"O good ur awake"."what happend?,"u ask."U had some pretty bad

  10. 10

    U look at Alex and realize really how cute he is with his black hair always falling in front of his eyes, his smile, and beautiful blue eyes. U feel urself starting to lean in and same with Alex.

  11. 11

    Then ur lips meet. Jst then the door opens, there standing is Jake and Nate with shocked expressions. Alex stands up and u blush a deep scarllet. Nate then leaves the room.

  12. 12

    Ok srry stopping here COMMENT AND RATE...by the way answer 5 will come back in next quiz

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