Baby- Justin Bieber love story/ daughter story

This is basically about Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez who, are now married and have a 4 year old girl called Destiny. What happens when problems come between Selena and Justin?
Written by Real_Noie and MADDGIRL99

Chapter 1

Miccy D's

Justin's POV
Okay, so this morning I didn't really wake up to a nice sight. I woke up with my gorgeous wife Selena shouting her head off at my little princess Destiny. My baby girl was bawling her eyes out and, I could tell she was angry as well.
I wiped my eyes, stretched a bit, and butted in.
"What's happening Selena?" I shouted, still weary eyed.
As soon as Selena caught me awake she stopped automatically and turned to look at me.
"Erm... Nothing, your daughter wants some breakfast." Selena explained innocently. I knew she was lying.
"How come she's always MY daughter when she won't do something you want her to do?" I asked.
I ask that quite often because, it's true, if Destiny refuses to do something Selena wants her to do, suddenly i'm the only parent in the house. I mean I love Selena but, I do wish she'd do more with Destiny, I mean she's her daughter too.
"I dunno... She prefers you anyway." Selena admitted.
Destiny lifted her her arms up for Selena to pick her up but, she just shrugged.
"Pass Destiny over here then." I said to her.
"Can't she walk herself?" Selena asked.
"Well yes but, I asked you to pick her up and, pass her to me." I said to her. Selena sighed and passed Destiny over to me.
"Daddy!" Destiny shouted when she got into my arms.
"Yeah sweetie." I said playing with her hair.
She tugged my hand away and moved away from my reach. She hates having her hair played with. I think she gets it from me.
"Mommy said that I can't go to Mc Donalds for brewkfast." Destiny said.
I smiled at Destiny and rolled my eyes at Selena because, that was obviously what Selena was shouting at her for.
"Well you can go." I replied.
Destiny wrapped her little arms round me and gave me the biggest hug ever.
"Yeah but, Mommy said no." Destiny told me.
"Well your Mommy isn't your Daddy is she?" I explained to her.
Destiny shook her head and gave me a big, sloppy, kiss. I kissed her forehead and gave her a bear hug.
"Daddy! Your hurting me!" Destiny squeled. I let go quickly after that.
"Sorry babes." I apologised.
"It's okway." Destiny said.
"Go and play with Mommy for a bit whilst I just get dressed and, then I'll drive you to Mc Donalds." I promised.
Destiny hoped off the bed and headed downstairs. Selena followed and, as she was about to close the door she blew me a kiss. I pretended to catch it and blew her one back.

Selena's POV
Me, Justy and the brat aka Destiny, all got in Justy's range rover. Justin buckled Destiny in and we drove out. Justin turned the radio on and, Justin's song baby came on. Justin was singing along beautifully and Destiny was singing along terribly. I sang along a bit too.

Justin's POV
Awww it was so cute in the car. My song baby came on the radio and, Destiny was singing along in the back. It was adorable, and to say she's only four she's got quite a good voice on her. She even had a go at rapping Ludacris's part. I thought it was so sweet so, I got Selena to video it for me on my phone. I've gotta show the rest of the family this!

Selena POV
Justin made me film the brats singing on his phone. He says it's so cute and that we need to show the rest of the family this, but to be honest I don't really wanna show this to anyone else! She's terrible at singing, even for a four year old. I know I sound beotchy and mean here, but I really didn't want to give birth to Destiny, it was an accident that I even got pregnant. I didn't know till it was too late to have an abortion that I was pregnant and, I wanted to put her up for adoption but, Justin wanted a little girl so bad that we had to keep her.
Anyway, once we got to Miccy D's, Destiny started reaching up for Justin to carry her and, as stupid as Justin is he did.
"Justin, let her walk." I shouted at him.
"No! She's my little girl and she wants me to carry her." Justin insisted, walking further.
"C'mon! If you don't let her walk she'll never learn properly and, she'll get so used to it that you'll still be carrying her when she's 15 at this rate! You can't wrap her up in cotton wool forever you know." I pointed out.
"I know! But just let me carry her for god's sake! We're nearly inside now!" Justin shouted back.
I ignored him then. I love Justin of course I do, but I get very jealous of him and Destiny's relationship. I mean they are very close and, I think Justin loves her more than he does me. He treats us different a lot of the time...

Justin's POV
Once we got inside I sat Destiny down in a chair and, got her some crayons and pictures for her to color in, from the counter. Selena went to order our meals and, then my mates Ryan, Christian, Chaz and Caitlin came walking inside. It was Destiny that noticed them first.
"Aunty Caitwin!" She screamed and kicked her legs.
She calls all my friends by Aunty and Uncle because, she sees them very often and, she only has one biological Uncle and Aunty but, she doesn't see them much because, they're with my Dad in Canada.
"Hello Destiny, how are you today?" Caitlin said, picking Destiny up and giving her a hug.
"Good todway." Destiny replied.
"That's good sweetie." Caitlin answered putting her back in her chair.
"Does Uncle Christian get a hug?" Christian asked with his arms outstretched. Destiny toddled over and gave him a big hug and a kiss on the cheek.
"Has Mommy and Daddy been nice to you today?" Christian asked.
"Daddy has, but Mommy haswnt." Destiny replied.
"Why what's Mommy done?" Christian asked.
"She told mwe off and, hit mwe." Destiny explained, showing Christian a red mark on her arm.
"Wait Mommy hit you?" I butted in concerned.
"Yeash and it rewlly hurt." Destiny said.
"Wait till I see your Mommy." I said under my breath.
All of the gang stared at me, wondering what I was gonna do or say to Selena...

Chapter by Real_Noie

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