Mirror's Edge: a wwyff part 10

Mirror's Edge: a wwyff part 10

by: Time_Eternal

Double Digits!!!!!!!!
Recap: You woke up in a dungeon, made friends with a kitten, and someone is coming down the stairs

  1. 1

    A beautiful woman steps into your view and she narrows her golden eyes when she catches sight of you. "How did you escape?" she demands. "The spell I placed on the door should have been more than

  2. 2

    "Where am I?"you demand, ignoring the woman's question. Anger flashes across her face. "I am Sayira, the most powerful sorceress alive, and no one talks to me like that!" she says menacingly, her

  3. 3

    Her eyes begin to glow with a golden light. "I'll teach you to treat your betters with respect." Sayira raises her hands toward to you, which are now glowing with the same gold light as her eyes.

  4. 4

    Before Sayira can do anything more, the kitten launches herself at Sayira, leaving claw marks on the sorceress's cheek. "How dare you!" Sayira screeches before yelling out strange words you had

  5. 5

    The gold light from her hands races towards to kitten, trapping her in a ball of light. "You'll pay for that Kisa." Sayira warns the kitten in a dangerous tone, having forgotten you.

  6. 6

    Worried for the kitten you tackle Sayira, knocking her to the ground before she can do anything else. The light trapping the kitten disappears. "Run!" you yell. Seeming to understand you, the kitten

  7. 7

    You follow closely behind her, taking your own advice. You ran after the kitten through doors and down hallways until you can't ran anymore, falling to the ground out of breath.

  8. 8

    The kitten stops running and turns to look at you. "Meow." She says as if to tell you to keep going. "I just need...to rest a moment." You pant. As your breathing slows you think back to what Sayira

  9. 9

    "Is your name Kisa?" you ask the kitten. The kitten moves her head in a very deliberate nod. "You're not a normal kitten are you?" you inquire but it comes out as a statement. Kisa nods once again.

  10. 10

    "Do you know how to get out of here?" You ask deciding to leave any other questions about Kisa until later. Kisa has just enough time to shake her head before a blast of gold light engulfs you two.

  11. 11

    You look up to find yourself and Kisa in the same light prison Sayira had used before on Kisa. "You can't run anymore." Sayira states with an evil smile looking down at her prisoners.

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