are you a son/daughter of hermes?

are you a son/daughter of hermes?

by: XxX_L_is_AWESOME_XxX
  1. 1

    your playing a game of 'shitface' and you have a 3, a red 10, and a 6. the card in play is a 5. no 3's have been used yet. there is around 20 cards under the 5. what is your move?

  2. 2

    you want to get a new X-BOX 360, but you dont have money. you deside to stele it, how do you do this? the shop you have chosen to steal from has securety gaurd at every door.

  3. 3

    im really not botered to do the rest of this... sorry, i will make it better some other time...

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