The Ultimate Star Wars Quiz

The Ultimate Star Wars Quiz

by: This_Bird_Has_Flown

I was quite disappointed in the quality of Star Wars quizzes I found on Quibblo, so, being the Star Wars fan I am, I decided to improve the selection.

  1. 1

    (Episode 1 questions) The name of Anakin Skywalker's mother

  2. 2

    The Sith Lord Obi-Wan killed on Naboo after he murdered Obi-Wan's beloved master

  3. 3

    The Queen of Naboo

  4. 4

    (Episode 2 questions) Obi-Wan felt Anakin had become this

  5. 5

    The bounty hunter who agreed to be cloned for the Republic Army

  6. 6

    Cut off Anakin's arm (for the first time ;))

  7. 7

    (Episode 3 questions) Attacking Obi-Wan's starfighter, eventually destroying R4

  8. 8

    Match the quote: "You have hate, you have anger, but you don't use them"

  9. 9

    Name of the planet where Obi-Wan dueled Darth Vader

  10. 10

    (Episode 4 questions) Aunt_____ and Uncle_____

  11. 11

    Obi-Wan's explination to Luke of Anakin's death

  12. 12

    Where Luke and Ben first met Han Solo and Chewbacca

  13. 13

    (Episode 5 questions) Vader sent these to Hoth to look for Luke Skywalker

  14. 14

    What was really the cave in the astroid Han, Leia, Chewie and C-3P0 were hiding in

  15. 15

    Match the quote: "Many wars not make one great"

  16. 16

    (Episode 6 questions) Helped the Rebels destroy the Shield Generator

  17. 17

    Died to bring information to the Rebel Alliance

  18. 18

    Match the quote: "Just for once let me look opon you with my own eyes"

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