WwYfF part 2

by: LoverOfTheVamp

KKKKK I'M BACK btw thx for all the support from all my fans plus also for basketball but i got bad news......WE LOST!!!!!! T.T yaaaaa as u can kinda tell our team sucks cough cough whole second team cough cough except for 2 peeps cough cough srry bout that XD and yup i dun do recaps so if u forget jst read the previews quizzes (btw i know i spelled that wrong XD)...and we jst had our 3rd game yesterday n we WON!!!!! HAHAHAAHA

  1. 1

    READ INTRO!!!!!!

  2. 2

    U turn towards the black haired one with a white highlight, glare, walk up to him, and scream in his face saying,"WHERE THE H3!! AM I!!!!! Y DID U TAKE ME!!!!!"

  3. 3

    The other black haired guy pulls u back n sits u on the bed,"OK first we'll introduce our selves then explain wats goin on".

  4. 4

    The black haired one clears his throat n says,"I am Jason, the purple haired one is Joseph, The one with sliver eyes n black hair is Damian, n the one who bit u is Ray".

  5. 5

    "O.....so y am i HERE I DUN CARE ABOUT U GUYS!!!!,"u yell in Jason's face. He backs up n says,"Promise u won't faint?" U get confused but shake ur head.

  6. 6

    Ray looks at u n says,"Fine but if u do faint dun expect me to help". Jason glares at him n says,"anyways...deep sigh..I'm a werewolf, Ray is death's son n half vampire, Joseph is a demon, n Damian is

  7. 7

    U put ur hand on the bed for support so u dun fall over."And again y did u take me?,"u ask trying not to slur ur words

  8. 8

    "Well, ur parents and urself r different, ur not who u think u r,"says Jason

  9. 9

    "Wat do u mean?,"u ask."Well ur father is from this dimension and well he was a _ and ur mother was human".

  10. 10

    "So y did u have to take me?,"U ask more confused than ever."Well, n old enemy got to them n our parents".

  11. 11

    U feel tears well up in ur eyes but then blink it out n hold back the sobs knowing wat he meant,"How do u know my parents n me?".

  12. 12

    "Haha well ur mother n ur father used to be friends with our fathers. Ever since u left they wouldn't stop talking about u guys n kept telling us if anything ever happened make sure that u were ok".

  13. 13

    k stoppin here comment rate or both HAHAH WE WON srry XD

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