My Life with Decepticons (A Transformers Prime fanfiction series)

My Life with Decepticons (A Transformers Prime fanfiction series)

This is the story of a kid given extraordinary powers by a shard of Dark Energon, and the giant transforming robots who captured her for those powers. Renamed and forced to start a new life as a Decepticon, young QuietSong struggles to fit in with the Decepticons and remain herself. Through laughs and tears, fun-filled adventure and action, QuietSong's life is transformed as she learns about trust, friendship, and how to rely on the strength of your family in even the most darkest of times

Chapter 5

Crash and Burn

by: Prawn9
I sat in the large empty storage chamber in the Nemesis that I called my “room.” It wasn’t really much of a bedroom, just four metal walls that were decorated in scribbles and doodles I created to keep myself sane. I sat on a metal berth placed in the room so I can use it as a bed. It still surprised me how comfortable I felt on it, even though it was nothing like my soft and cozy warm bed back home.
Home. I missed it. And everyone else who made it what it was to me.
What I wouldn’t give to look another human in the face.
There was a knock on my door. “QuietSong? You’re still alive in there, right?” Breakdown’s voice boomed form outside the door. I sighed and responded with a simple grunt. The knocking continued as I heard him say, “Open up or I’ll smash this door to pieces! Don’t make me come in there and-“
“I think she gets the message, Breakdown,” Knockout said. “QuietSong, honey? Please come out, dear. We just want to talk to you.”
“Fine,” I grunted, dragging myself to the door. As soon as I opened it, I let out a yelp, for Knockout plucked me off the ground and into his hand! “Hey, Knockout!” I almost laughed, “What’s with ya, dude?”
The Decepticon medic just smiled and placed me down gently on the medal table in the medbay. “Sorry, kid.” Then he paused for a moment, then added, “You know Breakdown and I care about you very much.”
I looked at him. It would be unusual to hear a giant Decepticon robot say that to a human, but in my heart I knew he spoke truly. Most of the Decepticons barely acknowledged my existence, and sometimes pretended I wasn’t even there. Knockout was the only one who treated me like family, like a daughter. And Breakdown, even though he could be a jerk to me every waking hour, was the closest thing I ever had to a buddy on this dark ship.
“And you know if there’s anything bothering you, you can always tell us,” Knockout continued, “isn’t that right, Breakdown?”
“Uh…right,” Breakdown replied, looking down awkwardly. He wasn’t the greatest at talking about stuff like this, but I understood him with ease. Talking about emotions was difficult for me too.
“Um, what are you trying to get at?” I asked.
Knockout sighed as he lightly touched my shoulder. “We’ve noticed you’ve been acting a little different, not your usual bubbly self. Is something wrong?”
I avoided his gaze and sighed. “Well, you guys have been going on missions almost every day now, and I rarely spend time with anyone anymore. And not doing anything with anyone makes me think of home.” I hugged my knees close. “I miss home.”
“Oh, I see.” Knockout was silent again. Then, I felt Breakdown’s cool touch on my cheek. It wasn’t exactly gentle as Knockout’s, but I was quite surprised at how gentle it was compared to other times. “Hey, Song, this is your home now. Yeah, I can’t wait for you to be out of the house as much as you do, but let’s face it: you’re a Decepticon. You’ve always been one since the day that Dark Energon shard stuck itself into you.”
I touched the violet-colored crystal that was now a part of me. From that crystal, a powerful darkness spread itself into me, mingled with my blood, flowing through my veins. Dark Energon, the source of all darkness. Did that make me a Decepticon?
Just then, Knockout and Breakdown perked up. “I just got a transmission,” said Knockout.
“Time for some butt-kickin’,” Breakdown smiled, pounding his fist against his palm.
“Stay here, okay, QuietSong?” Knockout told me in a strict, father-like tone.
I sighed and nodded. “Ooookaaay,” I said, making the word last three seconds.
Knockout pat my head gently. “Good girl.”
“See ya, squirt.” Breakdown gave me what was supposed to be a friendly punch on the shoulder. But my shoulder felt like it would ache for weeks!
I watched them go and wait till they disappeared into the warp gate that transported them to God knows where. I looked around the medbay, which was now silent except for the soft humming of machines.
The warp gate was still activated. It would close any minute. So I ran for it.

“Oof!” I grunted as I landed flat on my stomach, arms and legs widely spread. The warp gate disappeared behind me.
As soon as I landed, the sound of metal clashing against metal boomed against my ears. I looked up and saw Knockout and Breakdown fighting against two Autobots, Arcee and Bulkhead. The battle was heavy on the freeway.
I wanted desperately to join the fight. My hand touched the Iron Fist, the metal glove I wore as a weapon my right arm, and I was tempted to activate it. But as one of Breakdown’s missiles flew in my direction, barely missing my face, I ducked right behind a broken, abandoned car lying up-side-down on the side of the road.
I hid, trembling. Missiles and energy beams flew this way and that, and my ears rang with the booms and clashes of the fight. I carefully peeked from my hiding spot, and tried to find the source of what they were fighting over. But I couldn’t find anything, so I just watched the battle. I saw Bulkhead and Breakdown grappling each other fiercely, and then Breakdown delivered a huge sucker punch to Bulkhead’s face, knocking him down.
Arcee swiftly dodged a blow from Knockout, and then she swung her leg in a roundhouse kick at him. Knockout caught her and flipped her over effortlessly. “You’re one feisty dance partner,” he smirked teasingly.
“You’re not charming me, pretty boy,” she growled as she delivered quick punches at him. Then a blade popped out of her wrist, and she slashed him across the chest plate. Knockout grunted and staggered back, Energon leaking from his wound. He gasped at the damage.
“No one ruins my paintjob and gets away with it!” he snarled, enraged. He grabbed his electric rod and shocked Arcee with it. She screamed and fell to the ground.
I continued to watch the battle from behind the broken car. That’s when I saw him. Among the fighting robots, there was a young boy, no older than I was, with spiky brown hair and quick agile legs. He was running, swift like the wind, faster than a lightning bold. He was so fast, his legs were almost invisible. Was he the one the Decepticons were after?
I was so intent with watching this boy that I forgot about the Deceptions. After electrifying Arcee, Knockout began to chase after him. “Come here,” he said, “I won’t hurt you.”
“Don’t come anywhere near me!” he shouted fiercely as he ran. He was fast, but Knockout was catching up quickly.
Without thinking, I ran out of my hiding spot. I tried to jump in between the boy and Knockout, but then I saw the kid pull out a wrench from his pocket. “Mom told me never to talk to strangers!” he yelled, throwing the wrench hard at Knockout. I ducked my head, and the wrench hit Knockout directly in the face.
“First my paintjob, now my glorious visage! You will pay!” Knockout screamed. He reached out to grab the kid…
“No! Stop!” I cried, immediately activating the Iron Fist. I shot blue energy beams out of the weapon I wore at Knockout. “I’m sorry, Knockout, but I can’t let you hurt another human being!”
Knockout stepped back and blinked in surprise. “QuietSong? What are you doing here?”
Breakdown, finishing his battle with Bulkhead, saw me as well. “We told you to stay on the ship!” he said angrily.
Arcee and Bulkhead took notice of the commotion. “Let her go!” Bulkhead yelled. He charged at Breakdown. Breakdown snatched me from his hand. “You won’t hurt your own friend, would you?” he threatened.
The battle resumed. As Breakdown fought Bulkhead, he kept me still in his firm grasp. I was dizzy, but I kept struggling to pry his fingers loose. But through my dizziness and weariness, I managed to keep my sight on the boy. Slowly, I turned my head to see the boy running farther into the street again. I prayed he would make it out safely.
But that’s when it all happened. I saw a flash of light coming toward his right. My eyes widened in horror. He would never see it in time…
“Stop!” I screamed with all my might.
The boy halted and turned in my direction. Our eyes met for a moment, and I was mesmerized. I opened my mouth to warn him about the speeding muscle car coming right at him. But then he turned and he saw it. “Gimme a fricken’…”
The car and the boy collided. The boy screamed as he was flung through the air, and then landed with a huge crack!
All was silent. The battle between the Autobots and Decepticons halted as they looked on in horror. The silence was pierced by a scream of despair, a cry that came from my mouth.
“NOO!” I shrieked. Breakdown loosened his grip on me, and I dropped onto the road. I ran to the boy, but the fiery pain in my legs took over, making me stumble onto my hands and knees. I crawled toward him, my breath coming in sobbing gasps. I kneeled beside his body, and gently cradled his head in my lap.
He was badly injured. He was cold and pale, and splattered with dust, blood, and bruises. A thin line of blood and spittle trickled down the corner of his mouth, to his chin. His arms were spread wide, limp on the ground, covered in scrapes. I took a look at his legs, and I almost gagged. His legs from the hip down was where the most damage was inflicted. Both his legs were positioned awkwardly, twisted in impossible angles. Large dark bruises marked his skin…or what was left of it. A lot of skin was torn, bleeding and raw, and some patches had peeled off completely. On his left knee, I could see a little bit of his bones.
My stomach felt weak, but I held on tightly to him. I felt his pulse. It was beating faintly. Gingerly, I touched his leg. I gasped when I heard the soft cracking sound. They were broken.
The boy moaned softly. His eyes were closed, but pain contorted in his face.
A huge figure shadowed over us. “QuietSong…” Knockout whispered my name.
“He needs medical treatment!” I said tightly, trying to keep the trembling out of my voice.
“I know,” Knockout said softly. “That’s why we’re taking him to the Nemesis.”
I shook my head. “He needs to get to a hospital right now!”
“QuietSong, listen to me!” Knockout snapped. “We need to take him with us. We’ll take care of him on the ship, I promise.”
I didn’t know what to do. A warp gate opened behind me. Sighed and nodded. Knockout held his hand out for the boy. My grip on him tightened, but Knockout smiled and said, “Trust me.” I took one last look at the boy’s face, then in exhaustion, I let Knockout scoop him up and transform into vehicle mode, with the kid inside.
I felt numb. My body ached, and I fell backward. But then a large metal hand caught me. I was scooped up, and I saw Breakdown’s face. We didn’t say a word to each other, and his expression was blank, so I didn’t know if he was angry with me or not. Too tired to speak, I rested my head against Breakdown’s chest.
I could hear the Autobots shooting at us again, then the sound of Breakdown’s missile flying toward them. Knockout and Breakdown drove for the gate, with me and the boy. I closed my eyes, then I faded to black…
To be continued

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