Books. How well do you know harry potter TOUGH!

Books. How well do you know harry potter TOUGH!

by: who_will_love_you

I chose that picture because i thought it looked pretty and it reminds me that snape wasn't all bad! RIP snape, Dumbledore, Fred,tonks,lupin,dobby and ted tonks!
BTW it is quite hard x

  1. 1

    Year 1- What vault number do harry and hagrid go to which has the stone in it?

  2. 2

    year 2- what do madam z. nettles friends' beg for from her

  3. 3

    year 3- when do we find out about Sirius black

  4. 4

    year 4- who does Fred say (sarcastically) George wants to ask to the yule ball

  5. 5

    year 5- what jingle does harry hear on the tv

  6. 6

    year 6- who first overheard somebody celebrating in the room of requirement

  7. 7

    year 7-where is the lost diadem of rowena ravenclaw

  8. 8

    19 years later- What are the middle names of all the children of Harry Potter

  9. 9

    TRIVIA- how old is albus dumbledore when he dies

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