Does your boyfriend like someone else??

by: MadisonAndBrody

Okay well then, doesn't it say it all in the title?? ;) All I got to say is.... GOOD LUCK :O

  1. 1

    Your in the lunchroom and you see your boyfriend. You casually go and sit by him. What does he do??

  2. 2

    Lets say, your at the movies with this guy. You went on a double date with your best friend, but your boyfriend is flirting with HER instead of you. WHAT DO YOU DO??,

  3. 3

    You decide to call him. I mean, he's your boyfriend, right?? What happens when you call him??

  4. 4

    Okay, so your boyfriend has been working on this big science fair project lately. You've given him amazing advice, right?? Then, onstage, they announce that he got 1st place?? Who does he thank??

  5. 5

    (Last question!!! :P) So you and your boyfriend are texting. Then you see a text that says "I love u" AAH!!!! The next day, you casually bring up the text. What does he say??

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