who would fall for you? Vampire, neko, werewolf, or angel part 17

who would fall for you? Vampire, neko, werewolf, or angel part 17

by: nyan_sama

oemgee so ik I never want to stop these but alas the series is coming to an end tears up oh but when its over I was thinking of doing a Q&A session or a what would my characters think of you thingy or maybe both so message me if you want that I'll prob have a poll up in a little on it :3

  1. 1

    did you read the memo its important oh and to recap- josh pushed you off the roof you were about to drown but got saved by a stranger and Josh is going kinda mental in a way again

  2. 2

    you wake up terrified of what you would see this time. after opening your eyes very slowly you find that you are back in your room in the boys house!!

  3. 3

    you wonder how you got here when you hear voices outside your room "how did you find her" a familiar voice said "I told you already I was taking a walk and I just saw her falling" said another voice

  4. 4

    the door opens to reveal John and a guy a little younger then john with sky blue hair and violet eyes both looking pretty annoyed with each other "ah so sleeping beauty awakes at last" John says

  5. 5

    "hmm sad I cant wake her with a kiss" the unknown guy said winking at you earning a slap on the back of the head by John "shut up Jason" john yelled at him "so you feeling ok _" he said sitting down

  6. 6

    so whatever you said made him smile "do you want anything" he asks "um actually can I have some juice" you replied "sure be right back" he said leaving

  7. 7

    you and Jason sit there until you speak up and say "are you the one who saved me" "wow you catch on fast" he replied winking at you "so whats my prize hmmm" he asks getting closer to you

  8. 8

    "well I dunno what do you want" you ask him "I think you know" he said getting closer "no tell me" "better if I show you" your kinda puzzled when he begins to lean in when John comes back in

  9. 9

    "im sorry did I interrupt something" he says "yes" Jason says at the same time you say "no" leaving John confused "well anyway heres your juice _" he says handing it to you "John?" Jason says

  10. 10

    "I sense hes in danger" Jason blurts out "who" John says "where is he, my step-brother where" he says running out of the room almost coliding with Noah

  11. 11

    "!!!!!!!!" Noah yells pouncing on your bed next to you purring "Noah can you keep an eye on I need to go sort this out" John says "YAY I get to spend time with _" Noah says smiling after John left

  12. 12

    Im gonna end it here alone time with Noah hmmm whos Jasons step brother and why are they in danger only I know heehee til next time goodbye

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