What do the boys of Harry Potter think of you? Ladies only (sorry guys)

by: The_Chosen_Lady

What do the boys of Harry Potter think of you? Main guys are Harry, Ron, Draco, the Weasley Twins, Voldemort and a few comments from Hermione, Luna and Ginny.

  1. 1

    In class, you are

  2. 2

    Someone is having trouble mastering a spell. You

  3. 3

    Someone is bullying a younger student. What do you do?

  4. 4

    Harry is grieving over the lost of Sirius. You

  5. 5

    Ron needs help with his homework and he wants your help. You

  6. 6

    Voldemort wants you to join his league of Death Eaters. Your answer is

  7. 7

    Rita Skeeter writes an awful article about you and the whole school won't leave you alone. You

  8. 8

    Harry appears from his detention with Umbridge with a bleeding hand. What do you do?

  9. 9

    Hermione suddenly freaks out about upcoming OWLs. How do you react?

  10. 10

    You're asked to the Yule Ball by someone you have no interest of going. How do you react?

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