Finish tha Lyrics XD EASSY

by: KimIsSoCoolLike

FINISH THEE FVCKING LYRICSSS!!! (lol im not mean) Most of the songs are like pop i guess EASY haha comment tell. Me whatchu got wonder if ur as music savvy as me ...probz not... U disagree??? Comment!!!

  1. 1

    This used to be a __ now its filled with evil____

  2. 2

    Woke up with a strange __ not sure how i got it not a __in my pocket

  3. 3

    She's got both __in her pocket and she wont look at __ won't look at _

  4. 4

    Me like the way that you __my___

  5. 5

    I _ a _ qnd i liked it!!

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