who woud fall for you demon werewolf vampire angel neko 8

who woud fall for you demon werewolf vampire angel neko 8

by: hipster_rocker

OMG!!!! already on 8???? well i have to go to a family reunion next week so this is why this one is early. ok so this threat might be empty but i WILL quit writing this series if i dont get ANY feed back because i wanna know how well im doing and if i should keep going. ratings are AWESOME and if you have any questions, leave them in the comments below! oh yeah and i noticed that we have some jon fans out there so this is a REAL treat for you jon lovers!

  1. 1

    ok so did you read the memo because its SUPER important!

  2. 2

    ok so when you look outside of your door you see all of the guys' bodies piled on top each other but they're still alive.you could tell by jons breathing.

  3. 3

    you heard footsteps coming down the hall. you get behind the door and hit the person walking in the face. "ouch!" they yelled. "take that kidnapper!" you yell as you take pepperspray and the keys of h

  4. 4

    you run over to the guys and help them up. aaron was still knocked out but you smacked his pae really hard and he woke up.

  5. 5

    "the secruity system is set up to where only 2 people can get out." jared said. "alright then im going to need jon." you said.the guys looked at you like you were on crack.

  6. 6

    jared grabbed jons shirt and said "please keep __ safe." "i will" jon said as he grabbed your wrist and lead you away from the guys.

  7. 7

    while you 2 are running you both jump into the moat. yeah the castle prison where you were held has a moat.

  8. 8

    "hold onto my arm!" jon said. you grabbed his arm and he pulled some sort of sphere like device that had a lot of gold rings around it.there was a bright falsh and all of the sudden, you were both on

  9. 9

    "where are we?" you asked jon. "sorry___, this was the first place that i could think of." he said. "gah! i hate water!" "you didnt answer me where are we?" you say again.

  10. 10

    "it doesnt matter where we are." he said as he took off his shirt. you blushed a little bit. "what is that thing?" you ask pointing to the sphere. "thats a teleporting device" he said straining the wa

  11. 11

    ok im gonna stop here

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