Neji Love Story

Chapter 1


by: MaxxLava
You were sitting on a branch high above the forest look at the sky. Suddenly the branch snapped and you were falling. You closed your eyes and prepared to hit the ground but someone grabbed you just before you hit. You opened your eyes and you were in Neji’s arms. “What were you doing?” he asked setting you down. You looked down at your feet embarrassed. “The branch I was sitting on broke.” You said. “Your arm looks pretty bad ___” he said. You tried to lift your arm and an intense pain shot through your body. It hurt so bad you feel to the ground and you head went fuzzy.

You opened your eyes and looked around. You were in the hospital. Your arm was sore but it was bandaged. The door opened and Neji walked in. “Did you just wake up?” He asked. “Yeah, did you bring me here?” you asked. He nodded. You got out of bed but you got dizzy. You almost fell but Neji caught you just in time. “I guess I got up to fast.” You said. Neji put his arm around your waist and helped you to the bed. He sat next to you and held your hand. Your heart started to race. “_____ I was worried about you.” He said. His cheeks were a light pink. He took your face in his hands and stared at you with his stunning pale eyes. He leaned in slowly and kissed you softly. He pulled away just as the nurse came into the room. “Everything looks fine. You can go home now if you want.” She said. “Thanks.” You said and the nurse left.

Neji walked you home and held your hand the whole way. “_____ if I hadn’t been walking through the forest today and caught you. I would have never gotten the chance to tell you how I feel about you. I think you’re an amazing girl and I care for you deeply. I think that you and I are meant to be together.” He said. You were with him almost every day for training but you had no idea he felt that way about you. You’ve had a crush on forever. “Will you be mine ___?” he asked. You wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed him passionately. He pulled away and smiled at you. “So is that a yes?” he asked. You nodded and kissed him again. He said goodnight and you went inside.

In the morning Neji was waiting outside your house.”Hey Neji, how long have you been waiting?” you asked walking up to him. “Not long. I’m going to train, do you want to come?” he asked. You nodded and held his hand on the way.

When you got there Gai, Lee and TenTen were waiting. “Heya ___, are you ready to train?” Gai asked with a big smile. You nodded. “Alright then lets get started.” He said.

After training Neji gave you a boxed lunch from his bag. You two sat under a tree and ate. “This is good Neji. Did you make it?” you asked. He nodded and blushed. “Are you okay?” you asked. Neji looked up at you. He leaned over and kissed you softly on the lips. You blushed like mad but kissed back. He broke the kiss and reached in his bag. “I got you something.” He said handing you a necklace. It was a small bird on silver chain. You hugged him almost knocking him over. “I love it” you said and kissed him. He grabbed you waist and pulled you on to his lap. You laid your head on his shoulder while he ran his fingers through your hair.


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