The Michael Jackson Lyric Survey!!!

by: Vienna_Jackson

ok guys so all you have to do is guess the song the lyrics are from. :)

  1. 1

    they say the sky's the limit, and to me that's really true-

  2. 2

    hey pretty baby with the high heels on, you give me fever like i've never ever known!

  3. 3

    why did you have to go? and leave my world so cold?

  4. 4

    for you and for me and the entire human race-

  5. 5

    if this town, is just an apple, then let me take a bite-

  6. 6

    if you cant feed your baby, then dont have a baby. and dont think maybe, if you cant feed your baby

  7. 7

    when morning awakes me, will you come and take me?

  8. 8

    she's just a girl who says that i am the one, but the kid is not my son.

  9. 9

    they told him dont you ever come around here, dont wanna see your face you better disapear

  10. 10

    dont point your finger, not dangerous-

  11. 11

    i watched you on the floor, cheek to cheek-

  12. 12

    i've been a victim of, a selfish kind of love-

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