who woud fall for you demon werewolf vampire angel neko 12

who woud fall for you demon werewolf vampire angel neko 12

by: hipster_rocker

hi every one i got some REALLY nice comments on my last quiz all of you are the BEST!!! im starting to consider to write them every few days instead of once a week. no recap and just warning you, this one is a little gory so if you get nightmares easily or start to crave blood...sorry.....

  1. 1

    you looked at what used to be mother natures host. you suddenly felt quicker and lighter on your feet. you looked around and listened closely, you could hear the trees whispering to one another. "do y

  2. 2

    "what is it?" asks joanna. "i have weirdo ears!" you say. henry got up from the ground and gave you a sideways look. "really? prove it." he said. you pulled your hair over you ear and jon gasped. "_

  3. 3

    "what happened to all of the wood elves?" you asked. "they all had a part of mother nature in them but they couldnt handel it so most of them died." said alex like he was bored. (pick a lyric)

  4. 4

    there was an uncomfortable silence for about five minutes until jon broke it and said "lets go" and pulled out the teleporting thing.

  5. 5

    he grabbed your hand and all of the sudden, you were both outside of cleos dreadful castle. "lets get this over with" muttered jon. you both sneaked back into the castle but you were suddenly stopped

  6. 6

    and outcame cleo with a dazed look on her face. she walked past you and behind her was jared and aaron. jared ran up and practically glomped you while aaron played the tough guy card and ruffled your

  7. 7

    "where are the rest?" you ask jared. he looks at you in a sad way and said "we're on our way to save them _, the more the merrier. so lets go." "before she wakes up" added aaron.

  8. 8

    FF you all are running down the hallway until you practically burst into a room with joey in it. he was tied up really well and there were millions of silver needles surrounding him, threatining to

  9. 9

    jared and aaron just let their wings pop out of their backs and they flew over to joey and untied him as you and jon started removing the needles. aaron ripped off joeys duct tape from his mouth and j

  10. 10

    FF you were all running down the hallway until you bunped into cleo but this time she wasnt enchanted. he was holding tyler by the hair and he was struggeling to get out her clasp. she pulled out a

  11. 11

    "NO DONT!" you yell as you instinctivly ran towards them. cleo grins maliciously. "we'll fight it off. one on one." she smirked. "youre on!" you growl at her.

  12. 12

    she pushed tyler to the ground and threw the holy water across the room. she suddenly grew to be 12 feet tall, her skind turned blue, and she started to breathe fire.

  13. 13

    you looked up at her and all of the sudden, you grew just as tall as her but you felt like you had a miilion splinters. you looked down at yourself and realize that youre made of wood!

  14. 14

    she laughed at you and let out a breath of fire. it hit you and it felt like everyn nerve in your body was screaming but you sucked it up and made vines grow out of your fingers and they started to ch

  15. 15

    you shrunk back down to your normal size but as soon as you did, you bent over and started to cough. the guys rushed over to you but tyler ran out of the room. you coughed into you hand and saw your b

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