who woud fall for you demon werewolf vampire angel neko 11

who woud fall for you demon werewolf vampire angel neko 11

by: hipster_rocker

10 comments rule was a no go for me and i read a few comments that kept me going. THANKS! im thinking about making this a very dark wwyff so if you have any ideas for more darkness than there is so far, im all ears. remember, i take pic requests,messages,guy requests,and any ideas that you would like to see in this wwyff. i guilty for making this one a little late so this one is gonna be about 20 questions or maybe more if i feel it.

  1. 1

    read the memo if you like i really dont care this time. ok so here we go! you looked over at aarons cousins and then at jareds

  2. 2

    "what did goody two shoes do this time?" asked one of the demons. he looked a lot like aaron in a few ways. "what do you mean by that? he was never good!" snapped an angel girl.

  3. 3

    do you like waffles?

  4. 4

    ok so back to the quiz. one of the angels gasped "we never introduced ourselves! im vanessa" said the older looking angel. "im joanna" said the other angel. "alex" muttered the demon that said that

  5. 5

    "we're gonna mind communicate with aaron." said alex as he put on a concentrated look.

  6. 6

    the peppermint moo cows dont like conflict. back to the quiz. "are you getting any voicemail from 'im?" asked henry. "yeah he never answers me, you try." alex said. "he wasnt answering me since i thre

  7. 7

    "look guys we're in a hurry to save my friends so if you would just SHUT UP AND HURRY! that would be awesome." said jon with a snarl that shut both of the demons up.

  8. 8

    "ok i'll try but he WONT answer" said henry as he made that look. "whats-"began vanessa "shut up im trying" henry snapped. "he picked up but its VERY faint." said henry.

  9. 9

    randome question: what instrument do you play?

  10. 10

    im gonna make a few more random questions and then get on with it. do you like these random questions?

  11. 11

    lastly, do YOU like the peppermint moo cows?

  12. 12

    there was an uncomfortable silence as henry consentrated with an annoyed look on his face as if hes thinking 'shut up already'. "what do you want me to tell him?" henry asks. "tell him that jon and i

  13. 13

    if you believe in this sort of stuff then choose carfully because we're on #13

  14. 14

    another random question who would you fall for?

  15. 15

    back to the story line. "we need to get out of the house now!" said vanessa. she looked around nervously. "i mean now! get out! get out!" she yelled as a sudden explosion shook the house and everythin

  16. 16

    "_!_!wake up!" you heard a voice echo. your eyes opened and jon was shaking you. you got up and rubbed your head. "thank heavens youre all right!" said jon as he hugged you really tight.

  17. 17

    you looked around. you saw alex knocked out cold while henry tried the connection and the angels were prying jon off of you.

  18. 18

    "where are we?" you asked realizing that you were in a meadow with really low trees blocking the sky. "we're at a sacred ceromony place called Cragsashin" said joanna lightly stroking a tree.

  19. 19

    all of the sudden the tree turned into a vicious lion. the lion looked around with its golden eyes and shook its golden mane and turned into a boy that looked about 13 years old. "what do you want?" h

  20. 20

    joanna sighed and went to another tree and stoked it the same way but more lovingly. "come out please" she whispered.

  21. 21

    the tree glowed purple and the bark started to peel away until inside there was a woman made of wood in the center. he elegantly walked out and as soon as her foot touched the grass, she turned green

  22. 22

    she opened her mouth to say something but all that came out was wind and she fell limp to the ground and everything in teh meadow died instantly. "she was mother nature but now shes passed her spirit

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