wwyff Vampire, Demon, or Dark Angel

by: LoverOfTheVamp

KKKKKKK so I'm bored and enjoy..... O YA!!! COMMENT!!!!! XD!!!! k so ur in the starbucks cafe with ur friend Hannah. Ur all hangin when 3 HAWT guys walk in....

  1. 1

    "Hey _, look at those guys they are HAWT,"whispers ur friend Hannah to u.... u look at them and think to urself..

  2. 2

    For the rest of the evening at the cafe' Hannah flirted with the sliver eyed one, u find out his name is Jake, the quiet blonde one Nate, and the super maga black haired blue eyed jerk, Alex. As

  3. 3

    As u say ur goodbyes Hannah has to go home right away so u start to walk home. It's about 10 o'clock. Thank gawd u wont get in trouble cuz ur parents r on a buisness trip. As ur walking u feel someone

  4. 4

    U start to run feeling chills down ur spine. Ur about to reach ur block when u get tackled and dragged into an alley. U try to scream but the person covers ur mouth and slams u against wall..

  5. 5

    U feel something sharp against ur neck as u struggle to get away. U trip a little cuzing the sharp thing to cut ur neck. U realize it's a dagger.

  6. 6

    "Now say goodbye.....forever,"says the person. He was just about to stab u when a dark figure with......wings? attacks him. U cover ur face waiting for the fight to be over. Opening ur eyes slowly u

  7. 7

    see Nate's worried face as Alex and Jake in the backround beat up the mugger. "N-Nate?,"U ask. U notice Nate has....Bat wing? U can't take it nomore and faint....

  8. 8

    Opening ur eyes u wince. WOW i had some dream last night, u think. Looking around u realize that ur not in ur room. Just then the door opens a little revealing Jakes face,"HEY GUYS SHE'S AWAKE".

  9. 9

    As Jake walks in Alex and Nate follow him in. Nate sits at the end of the bed as Alex leans up against the wall arms crossed. Jake just stands by the bed looking with concern.

  10. 10

    "How are u doing?,"asks Jake with alot of concern in his voice.."Fine,"u answer rubbing ur head,"Where am i? And wat happened?". "Questions later, right now u need some food,"says Nate.

  11. 11

    Nate gets up and gets some clothes for u from the wardrobe,"Here's some clothes, when ur done meet us in the dining room". Then they all left...What kind of clothes do u wear?

  12. 12

    U dress in wateve u chose and walk through the door. In front of u is a HUGE MANSION. WoW, u think. It takes a while but u finally find the dining room. Who do u sit next too???

  13. 13

    U sit next to whoeve u chose. Jake get's up and walks out of room. Nate follows behind him so u left alone with Alex. U look at him slowly to see him glaring at u...

  14. 14

    "What did i eve do to u?,"u ask him. Alex jst glares and says,"Shut up"."U shut up,"u say. U both get into a shut up fight. Then Alex does somethin unexpected...he slaps u..U gasp and slap him

  15. 15

    K srry endin it here, yes ik this one sucked but ill try to make next better Kz and comment PLZZZ

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