who woud fall for you demon werewolf vampire angel neko 16

by: hipster_rocker

ok so last night i would have written this up but i had writers block until i read some more of the lost hero and got this idea that would be a little suspenseful. i honestly dont know how long this ones going to be because i usually make these up as i go along (i cant stand having a plan and following it) so it could be 5 questions or 25, we'll just have to wait and see.......

  1. 1

    sorry but ive had writers block and now im procrastingating!(did i spell that right)on with the quiz!

  2. 2

    ok so you follow the boy with purple wings out the window. yes the window. you stayed quiet until he picked you up bridal style and started to lift off flying. what did you say?

  3. 3

    "stop.that.ot.i'll.drop.you" he said trying to stay in the air and wrestling you down at the same time.

  4. 4

    you calm down as soon as he held you more secure and through out the whole flight there was an uncomfortable awkward silence. FF you two land at a museum-once again, yes a museum-and he knocks on th

  5. 5

    "nice to see you too abbot."the winged boy said. "DONT CALL ME ABBOT!" the 13 year old said as he turned a bright shade of red from anger. "look, this is __ and i need for you to help her get her me

  6. 6

    the kid led you into the museum but there was something weird. it looked like any other museum but the displays were terrifying. the displays had shown people dieing, getting tortured, and killing eac

  7. 7

    after a bunch of rustling in the corner, abbot (the boy that nearly exploded) came back with a glass full of green liquid. "give her this and shell be new and shiny." he said flatly. "whats you proble

  8. 8

    FF you two fly out of there and get to what looks like an abandoned motel. "what are we doing here?" you ask him. "this is where my friends and i have lived for the past year."he said as he pulled a

  9. 9

    sorry that this one was short but its obvious who the boy with purple wings is isnt it?????? ok so rate,comment,and if you want to be a character in my quiz please message me about that!

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