who woud fall for you demon werewolf vampire angel neko 17

who woud fall for you demon werewolf vampire angel neko 17

by: hipster_rocker

i wrote 16 this morning and i present you with 17 i hope that this ones ok but i have a lot of time on my hands right now and i have nothing better to do than to give you this one!

  1. 1

    ok so you and the strange boy end up at an old abandoned motel right????

  2. 2

    you both walk up to the front door where the main office used to be and he unlocked the door. "you comin' or not?" he asked when you hesitated to walk in.

  3. 3

    you decide to walk in but when you do you see that blonde guy that blocked your way practically yelling and the boy. "WHAT WERE YOU THIINKING YOU CAN BE SUCH AN-" he started but a boy with cat ears lo

  4. 4

    ok so i know that i said that id quit with the random questions but i only ask one once, PICK A LYRIC!!

  5. 5

    "get off of her, she doesnt need anything more than this," said the boy with purple wings as he held up the bottle with your memory in it. "and to loose some weight." he continues.you glared at him.

  6. 6

    everyone shoots the boy a glare. "its true!" he said. "lets just give her the stuff." the neko boy said as he lets go of you.

  7. 7

    you gingerly take the bottle and say more to yourself "who are all of you?" and you start to gulp it down. it all came back! in front of you werent strangers! they were friends!

  8. 8

    in front of you were aaron,jared, and jon. but where were the other two? "where are those two?" you ask them and they start to howl with laughter. "good ol' __'s back!" said aaron.

  9. 9

    im gonna stop there. i hope that all of you werent bored to tears but im losing my touch a bit but the next one will be dark! i PROMISE!

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