who woud fall for you demon werewolf vampire angel neko 15

who woud fall for you demon werewolf vampire angel neko 15

by: hipster_rocker

ok i know that 2 in one day is a bit crazy but im going away for a school retreat tomorrow(no work all say play at school :D) and i wanna try to post every day.if you wanna be a charater in my quizzes please message me about who and what you wanna be. please take my poll about whether i should write another wwyff and i take the usual comments,ideas,guy requests,ratings and now....quiz taker characters! please enjoy and this MIGHT lead to some writers block so now a days i mostly take the ideas!

  1. 1

    right so you woke up in a strange room?

  2. 2

    right so you got out of the bed and walked towards the door and turned the handel when the door just disappears! 'wow' you think to yourself as you walk through.

  3. 3

    you dart for an exit but you cant find one! you stay silent and keep on running until you bump into a tall figure. "great. youre up." mutters someone sleepily.

  4. 4

    you look up to find the boy with purple wings right in front of you. "WHERE AM I AND WHAT DO YOU WANT WITH ME?!" you demand. "not so loud! geez, you'll get your answers in a minute but you have to sta

  5. 5

    you decide to keep quiet as you follow him to wherever it was he was taking you.

  6. 6

    im really tired right now and i know that the memo said about 15 questions but im augsausted and we have to hike a mile and a half tomorrow so i need to rest so do the usual that pleases me!

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