How well do you know music ?

How well do you know music ?

by: CherieBomb

Well, how well do you know music ???

  1. 1

    Who sings this this song 'Rebel,Rebel' ??

  2. 2

    What song does lyric belong to 'Do you know that theres, still a chance for you' ?

  3. 3

    Who was the top-selling album artist of the 1970's according to Billboard?

  4. 4

    What studio did the Beatles use to record 191 songs?

  5. 5

    What Michael Jackson album spawned five chart-topping singles?

  6. 6

    What singer for a 70's British rock quartet changed his name from Frederick Bulsara?

  7. 7

    'Call me' was of number one hit in the uk and us for which band ?

  8. 8

    'Woman in love' was a number one hit for which award winning singer ?

  9. 9

    Boy George's real name is George what?

  10. 10

    Fill in the gaps :' ___ ___ And The Blackhearts '

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