wwyff Vampire, Demon, or Dark Angel part 3

by: LoverOfTheVamp

wow i got nothin to say..........XD!!!

  1. 1

    OK U dont have to read the thingie mabob up above soooo the song of the day is PLEASE DONT STOP THE MUSIC BY RIHANNA ok ik random srry

  2. 2

    ok review so alex apologized!!!! and all so let begin the show!!!!!

  3. 3

    After Alex left u got really tired so laid down and fell to sleep right away. When u wake up in the morning u see Nate peeking through the door. U yawn and smile to see him blushing."Hey Nate"."Hi-i".

  4. 4

    After that u brush teeth and all that other junk. Walking into the dining room u see Nate and Alex sitting at the table eating pancakes."Where's Jake?,"u ask."Prob sleepin,"mumbles Alex while chewing.

  5. 5

    U sit down between Nate and Alex and begin to eat. Just then u hear something and look up to see Jake walking into the room with his shirt off. U blush noticing his six pack.The boys just glare at him

  6. 6

    Jake grins and winks at u putting back on his shirt sitting across u at the table.

  7. 7

    Ur about to start eating once again when u hear a loud crashing noise in the kitchen. Everyone stops eating and runs into the kitchen to see a girl with brown hair and hazel eyes with a really short

  8. 8

    "H-Hey babe,"Jake studders,"Wat r u doin here". "To be wit my only man silly,"she says getting up. She waltz over to jake and kisses him. The rest stand there awkwardly waiting for her to finish.

  9. 9

    Ok Imma end it here cuz my hands hurt and so do my eyes. COMMENT AND RATE

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