Mirror's Edge: a wwyff quiz part 8

Mirror's Edge: a wwyff quiz part 8

by: Time_Eternal

Recap: You, Matt, and Haru went to your home to look for clues. You looked into your parent's bedroom and screamed.

  1. 1

    "What's wrong?!" Haru and Matt ask running up to you. You close your eyes and suddenly feel very dizzy like you just can't stand up anymore. Thankfully, Haru catches you before you hit the ground.

  2. 2

    "Are you okay?" Haru asks worried at the same time Matt says in horror "Oh, God" after looking in your parents bedroom. "There's two bodies in here."

  3. 3

    "It's my parents." you say softly as you start to shake "They're dead." You feel cold inside almost numb. Haru pulls you in a hug with your head on his shoulder while Matt walks into the room.

  4. 4

    After a moment he rushes back out."The bodies aren't real!" "What you exclaim looking at him as a spark of hope ignites inside of you. "Come look." Matt says before disappearing into the room again.

  5. 5

    Haru helps you up and you both follow Matt. You take a deep breath to prepare yourself and take a closer look at the bodies. Suddenly, you realize what Matt means. The bodies aren't real, they're...

  6. 6

    "They're dolls." Haru says speaking your thoughts out loud. "Why are there life-sized dolls that look like my parents?" you wonder. "I think they're doppelgangers." Haru answers. "What's that?"

  7. 7

    "A doppelganger is a doll created by a sorcerer to become a specific living person. They are made by mixing different types of earth and the person-they-are-to-turn-into's blood together.

  8. 8

    The doppelganger doll will be alive, have all the memories of the person who's blood was used to make it, and will obey every order from the sorcerer who created it."

  9. 9

    You stare at your parent's doppelgangers as what Matt said sinks in. As you look at them a nagging feeling grows inside of you as if there was a memory that you could almost remember.

  10. 10

    "I want to leave." you say feeling a little sick from your almost memory. "Alright," Matt says, "Lets get outta here." On your way out you pick up your brother's teddy bear, before following Matt

  11. 11

    You start walking in the direction of the castle but stop when you notice Haru looking up at the sky. You follow his gaze and see a large shape flying towards you. You here Haru call "Look out"

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