who would fall for you part 20!!!

who would fall for you part 20!!!

by: Cristi_Much_Like_Falling

Wow guys its been so long and i'm so sorry for that.
OMFG part 20!!!! i can't believe it...its all thanks to you guys!! i love u all i hope u enjoy it and ill try to post stuff as soon as i can!!
So we left off when u whitness a great chase.Evan is outside pinned down 2 calm down and the rest of u waiting inside.


  1. 1

    Dreaming:ur waking up again at the same place as ur last dream.Oh finally ur back!The same woman said looking down at u.U get up in the filed.Why r u so familiar,why r u here?u say.Take my hand,she

  2. 2

    U look again at the pic,standing above ur self.Ur shocked!U go 2 the castle again.U sit down u cant believe it,the woman sits down 2 holding ur hand looking at u.Mum?u say holding back from crying.

  3. 3

    Oh no baby,she said,something moved u,u feel something very soft but not flexible around u,Hey...hold her..a bit..a male voice said.I guess i got to go u say.Yep we'll see each other again now that u

  4. 4

    Remember,ur mother said.U feel something even softer,tickiling and warm around u,Bye she said and faided away.U open ur eyes and see the fire again.U look up ur curled on Jonah,he has hes left wing

  5. 5

    around u and the other one covering u both.Hes hand is around u 2.He smiles.Hey ur up,he said.U tried to move away.No,no stay its ok,he said and u did.Jonah? u say.Where u really scared of Evan trying

  6. 6

    anything...u know.Yeah why?he said nervous.Err nothing just curiosity.I was jealous ok? i was jealous and scared 2 but jealous!He said.U look up blushing.Why u ask.(_) he said like he couldnt believe

  7. 7

    u,he leaned down and kissed u with such a passion.U pulled away and look into each others eyes till....TBC!!!!!

  8. 8

    So im stopping it here sorry its short dont have much time but im finally back huh someone spits on me yes sorry ppl!! comment rate anything! cya nxt time!!!

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