Are You The Smartest In Your Class?

by: HermioneGrangerWatson

Can you pass?

  1. 1

    Math: What is 90x90? No calculators, internet, or anything else, except your BRAIN!

  2. 2

    Science: What does H2O mean?

  3. 3

    Grammer: Whats the correct plurel for the word class?

  4. 4

    Spelling: What's the correct spelling for a song in Mary Poppins.

  5. 5

    Geography: Where is Poland?

  6. 6

    Spanish: Tengo que lavar el coche hoy.

  7. 7

    Art: Which of these artists painted Starry Night?

  8. 8

    History: What year were the Terracotta Warriors (in China) found?

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