who would fall for you? Dragon, fallen angel, fairy, merman or neko part 5

who would fall for you? Dragon, fallen angel, fairy, merman or neko part 5

by: nyan_sama

yeah sorry this took so long Quibblo kept deleting it >.> anywayz its here now so yeah RECAP- you and the guys were going to watchh a movie but while you went to go pick it out the movie the boys heard a scream peirce the air and they saw a message on the wall written in blood OK ready

  1. 1

    read memo for recap and such

  2. 2

    you wake up and look around and it seems your in some type of a dungen its cold and dark and your a little bit scared

  3. 3

    you try to walk around until you realize your chained to the wall by your neck, legs, arms, and stomache so you can't move any where

  4. 4

    your just dozing off realizing theres nothing to do but wait when you hear cackling coming from outside the door and the door bursts open revealing a girl who looks about 19 or so with pink hair

  5. 5

    "well hello there my pretty good thing your up I was starting to worry" she says with fake simpothy "um yeah but who are you" you ask "well I'm Pheobe I used to date one of the guys your living with"

  6. 6

    "umm your a little bit too close can you back up" you say "MIND YOUR MANNERS B***H" she says punching you in the face "I-Im so sorry" you say terrified "awh its ok little girl" she says smiling at you

  7. 7

    "can I ask you some questions?" you say a little weirded out "of course hunny" she says cheery "so which guy did you date and what are you" you ask

  8. 8

    "well my dear girl I dated Zein until he brutally dumped me and I am a ghoul/ghost" she says about to tear up remembering her time with Zein

  9. 9

    "what does a ghoul/ghost do can you show me" you ask "hmmm of course" she said with a creepy grin as she hops into you

  10. 10

    you feel a weird sensation take over feeling kinda like you were fighting for control of your body but you werent strong enough and darkness came over you

  11. 11

    OK ending it here hope you liked it rate comment message all that good stuff k BYEZ

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