Which Supernatural character are you? (season 1)

Which Supernatural character are you? (season 1)

by: Sing_Benihime

Wanna know which Supernatural Character you are? Maybe you are the Funny, sarcastic Dean or The nerdy Sam. Or you are probably The strict but loving John Winchester. These are just a few of the probable outcomes. Go ahead take the quiz and find out who you are.

  1. 1

    Pick one

  2. 2

    Pick one

  3. 3

    You know the drill...Pick one

  4. 4

    Your senior gives you an order......you?

  5. 5

    Imagine you are a hunter and you hear something weird in the news. You are sure it is a demon, what do you do?

  6. 6

    Favourite music type?

  7. 7

    Last question: Pick one

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