Are you obsessed with THE HUNGER GAMES ?

by: PopcornPizza

see how much of an obsessed fan you are

  1. 1

    You can draw a mockingjay.

  2. 2

    You have a favorite fan version.

  3. 3

    You listened to a fan version of a song.

  4. 4

    You made a fan version of The Hanging Tree.

  5. 5

    You made a fan version of Rue's Lullaby.

  6. 6

    You accidentally call "Peter", "Peeta".

  7. 7

    You actually screamed when Katniss kissed the wrong guy.

  8. 8

    You think there is a wrong guy

  9. 9

    When you eat pita bread, you feel like you're killing Peeta on the inside.

  10. 10

    When you see bread you try to categorize what District it came from.

  11. 11

    You persuaded multiple people to read the books

  12. 12

    You always misread To Kill a Mockingbird as To Kill a Mockingjay.

  13. 13

    You plead your parents to get you a goat for your birthday,

  14. 14

    You decided to take up archery.

  15. 15

    When you get a cat, you name it Buttercup.

  16. 16

    The first thing you notice about someone is how much they look like [insert character name here].

  17. 17

    You’re now saying OMGale, WTFinnick, and Shut the Peeta Bread Up.

  18. 18

    You can relate it to real life.

  19. 19

    You can quote any, usually all, of the books.

  20. 20

    you would literally do anything for a fourth book!

  21. 21

    When you see a bird you think of a Mockingjay.

  22. 22

    when you go to a store and see a orange backpack and buy it to look like Katniss.

  23. 23

    You got to the store and ask if they will take a squirrel for a carton of strawberries.

  24. 24

    When you want to freak someone out, you mysteriously put a white rose in their room.

  25. 25

    You see a wasp and scream "TRACKER JACKER ATTACK!!

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