This Can not Be Real, (WWYFF An Angel, Elf, Vampire, or Fairy?) Part 17

by: OriginalButOhSoTypicalHer

here is part 17..I am going to speed things up soon..

  1. 1

    It has been a month since Tommy became on unconcious. You haven't really came out of your room at all..and when you did you couldn't even look at the door. this guilt was killing you

  2. 2

    You get up and get ready. You sigh and close your door behind you. You look at Tommy's door and know you should see if he is getting any better..

  3. 3

    You open his door and walk in quietly. You see Tommy breathing steadily. You sigh and sit down on the edge of the bed and stroke his hair out of his face.

  4. 4

    Tommy's eyes open and he looks at you shocked. you smile widly and hug him. He sits up and rubs his head.

  5. 5

    tommy looks at you and smiles: "how long was i out?" You say a month and he nods and tries to get up. You stand up and help him downstairs to the living room

  6. 6

    You see the other three guys and they stand up seeing you. you smile and show them tommy. they all go over to you guys and danny and oliver hugs tommy..

  7. 7

    Everyone looks at Andy and he is rubbing his neck. He smiles slightly then speaks: "Good to have you back have been missed" Tommy nodded but smiled slightly.

  8. 8

    Oliver speaks: "Well this is a happy day..but sorry to say this..we have to start training..and __ we have to talk about the prophecy and your destiny

  9. 9

    and scene!

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