What kind of food would you be?

by: epicfailwriter

Are you a cool, sweet shaved ice or a fried ice cream with a cherry on top? Maybe your a cake all covered with mouth watering decorations or maybe plain (but still awesome) jello pudding. Find out. ANSWER THEM QUESTIONS!!

  1. 1

    If a person comes up to you and starts with "Your mama jokes" would you:

  2. 2

    Your getting up to go to school and you still need to choice some clothes. You choice mostly:

  3. 3

    If a boy/girl you liked admitted they liked you and wanted to go out with you you'd:

  4. 4

    OH NO!! You forgot about your science project and it's due tomorrow!! You:

  5. 5

    Your little brother will not let you watch your favorite show!! you:

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