The Twins of a Hero ~ Evil Arises (HP Second Generation)

This is a HP second generation, but it's not all just romance. I plan on making all seven years if I can. Anyways... James and Albus, the twin sons of Harry Potter (I know they're not actually twins, but it makes the story much easier to write), are born into fame. Soon after their arrival at Hogwarts, their bravery and strengths will be tested when danger is faced in the wizarding world that's very unprepared for it.

Chapter 1

Flash Back in Time

11 Years Ago

A cool breeze swept through Godric's Hollow, making Tiberius Solamander feel quite at home. It sent a shiver down his spine, sending a grin across his face that seldom is seen. He crept down the street that four heroes to most of the wizarding community reside on. His crooked teeth, hunched back, broad shoulders, lanky build, and hair a deeper black than pitch black and messier than a toddler's bedroom increased the aura of creepiness and power that seemed to surround him like a bubble made out of steel that could not be penatrated.

"Blast them," he muttured under his breath, his deep, enforceful voice enough to make most cower in fear and do whatever his request may be, "They ruined my master's brilliant, ingenius plan. Alas, they will finally get what they deserve."

Tiberius scurried down the street in excitement, grateful to finally get his long sought-after payback. He crept silently into the Potter household, careful not to make any noise whatsoever. After going up a few flights of stairs and making some turns down narrow hallways, he opened up the door to Harry and Ginny's bedroom ever-so-silently. An eerie smirk crept upon his face. Now he could finally kill the man who foiled his leader, Lord Voldemort's, master plan to destroy all Muggle-Borns and Half-Bloods.

While the two were sleeping, Tiberius Stupefied them, tied them up in rope, and stuffed them into large potato sacks he found in a muggle neighborhood. He did the same to Ron and Hermione Weasley. They assisted Harry Potter in destroying his lord, and thus shall recieve the same punishment.

Upon emptying them into an abandoned and seldom visited alley, he Crucioed the four repeatedly. Serves them right, he thought, after stopping my lord. He then Imperioed them and made them do very foolish and humiliating things, laughing so hard he cried. After Tiberius had his kicks, he murdered Harry, Ron, Ginny, and Hermione with an Avada Kadavra.

"I shall continue the work of my Lord Voldemort. I will not stop until only Purebloods remain," he promised out loud, hoping Voldemort could hear him and be proud of his loyal follower.

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