What character are you ? ~Moonwalker- A Michael Jackson fanfic quiz

What character are you ? ~Moonwalker- A Michael Jackson fanfic quiz

by: Chelle_Thrille

A new Michael Jackson fan made quiz; based on the second story of A Fan's dream Michael Jackson tribute/interview, "Moonwalker" find out to see what character you are from the sequel; are you a minor character or a major character, take my quiz and find out.
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Also check out the story Moonwalker -A Michael Jackson fanfic to read up on the characters and the wild adventures.

  1. 1

    Who do you think you are in the series?

  2. 2

    RP time: You are back at the hotel and you see this girl waving at you from the sunroof of the limo with Michael jackson inside, what do you do?

  3. 3

    The car you're in breaks down, what do you do now?!

  4. 4

    After getting some form of transprotation, the limo drives into the parking of of an airport and Michael's getting on a private jet, do something!

  5. 5

    What episode are you in or want to be in?

  6. 6

    Would you rather be a major character, minor character, or supporting character?

  7. 7

    Which Movie/Series are you in?

  8. 8

    Pick another episode you want to be in

  9. 9

    Who is your best friend in the series?

  10. 10

    Did you enjoy this quiz?

  11. 11

    What do you drive in the series

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