What do the characters of dragon ball z think of you?

by: shadowfan

Well, I'm not SUPER amazing at making quizzes so please no rude comments!! Anyways this quiz will have two basic components-good and evil. Those will be the two personality types and will determine who will talk about you.
It makes no sense now, but it will one you take it. If there are any people you wanna add, just let me know ;)
At least, I hope it will
(ps girls only!!! Unless your a guy and want to see what they'd think of you)

  1. 1

    Me: Vegeta ask a question!! Vegeta: Don't order me around woman! What do you think of saiyans?

  2. 2

    Me: Gohan? Do you have a question? Gohan: O.o you're being polite Ally? Me: I could be less, if that's what you want. Gohan: Oh nonono!! Um, well what's your favorite subject in school?

  3. 3

    Me: Goten? Goten: Aw yeah!! So, what do you think of my rugged good looks?

  4. 4

    Me: Trunks, stop fiddiling with your machines and get over here!! Trunks: ~sighs~ rude as always.

  5. 5

    Me: Right, Tien Yamcha and Piccolo? Tien Yamcha and Piccolo: Uhhh....

  6. 6

    Me: Okay enough with the good guys! Frieza, Cooler? Frieza and Cooler: Hm...What do you think of us?

  7. 7

    Me: Now Cell, my favorite! Cell: Ally how you flatter me. We must destroy something later, like the Taj Mahal or Eiffel Tower.

  8. 8

    Me: Evil Buu? PLEASE don't eat them until they've answered the questions!! Evil Buu: What? But they want to be eaten. don't you?

  9. 9

    Aaand Last but not least...Baby!! Baby: Revenge.

  10. 10

    I lied >3. I, ALLY THE EVIL ONE, HAS A QUESTION FOR YOU!!! ~ahem~ Do you hope you get good or evil?

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