Cato prevails- A katniss/cato love story/ fanfic- Split POV

Chapter 1

The Reaping

I opened my eyes and looked at the clock. Its 20 minutes till the reaping. I've made myself a promise this year... I will volunteer for anyone who is reaped. Especially if my little brother, Sam, is reaped. He's only 14, so he's in 3 times, but I don't want to take any chances. I also hope my girlfriend Clove Tepara will not get reaped and if she does I hope someone will volunteer. I get up get dressed and head to the square for the reaping. Miuki Hanswater is waiting to announce the names. I look over to the girls' section and find Clove. I nod to her and turn my attention to the podium. As always Miuki get up and announces "Ladies first." She walks over and takes a name from the ball. "Haley Knight!" I know her... its Clove's best friend. I look over and see tears welling up in Clove's eyes. Then I hear her say something I will be mad at her for.
"I volunteer as tribute!" she calls.
"Wonderful! Wonderful! What is our new tribute's name?"
"Clove Tepara."
"Well... how about we find out who your partner will be?" She walks over to the ball and pulls a name. "Sam Hallingsworth."
Oh no... not him. Why him? "I volunteer as tribute!" My voice rings out as I see him try to make his way to the stage.
"Cato!!!!" I hear Clove call as I make my way to the stage. "Cato don't!" But I kept walking anyways. I went up on the stage and walked over to her. I calmed her down and then went over to my side of the stage.
"Well... wasn't this exciting? And what is our boy tribute's name?"
"Cato Hallingsworth."
"Well... isn't this wonderful? Tributes... shake hands." I walk over and shake hands with Clove. I pull her into a hug and hear sighs from the crowd. I let go and look across the crowd. My mother is hugging my little brother and sobbing silently. I know what will happen when she comes to visit me... she'll say that I was prepared for this all my life and that my best chance was getting my hands on a sword. Then Haley Knight would come in and ask me to take care of Clove. I would promise because I know that I won't win. I know that if I want Clove win that I would have to die.

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