Katy Perry Lyrics: Teenage Dream

Katy Perry Lyrics: Teenage Dream

by: amymelonellen
  1. 1

    'You make me, feel like i'm living a teenage dream, the way you turn me on, I can't...' -Teenage Dream

  2. 2

    'And we took too many shot, think we _ but I forgot' -Last Friday Night

  3. 3

    '_ gin and juice, layin' underneath the palm trees' -California Gurls

  4. 4

    'Do you know that there's still a chance for you, 'cause there's a _ in you' -Firework

  5. 5

    'Are you brave enough to let me see your peacock? Don't be a chicken boy, stop acting like a _' -Peacock

  6. 6

    Thought that I was the exception, I could have rewrite your...' -Circle The Drain

  7. 7

    'We made out in your Mustang to...' -The One That Got Away

  8. 8

    'Feels like I am floating, leaves my body...' -E.T

  9. 9

    'It's never easy to be chosen, never easy to be called, standing on the frontline when the _ start to fall' -Who Am I Living For

  10. 10

    'She used to set the sails of _ ships' -Pearl

  11. 11

    'Some call it science, we call it chemistry, this is the story of the...' -Hummingbird Heartbeat

  12. 12

    'When he's the one, i'll come undone, and my world will...' -Not Like The Movies

  13. 13

    'Now look at me I’m sparkling, A firework a dancing flame, you won't ever put me out again, I’m...' -Part Of Me

  14. 14

    'I wish I knew then, what I know now, wouldn't dive in, wouldn't _ down' -Wide Awake

  15. 15

    'Pick a part, you dream it up, a dark vixen, a Lolita, Oh boy, tell me your...' -Dressin' Up

  16. 16

    'Im flirtin' with my _, I wanna leave with you tonight' -If We Ever Meet Again

  17. 17

    '_ and tryin' to Flirt with me' -Starstrukk

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