How long woud you last in a conversation with Harry Styles?

by: I_Love_Louis_Tomlinson

This is just for fun. If you ever met Harry Styles and got to talk to him, I don't know how long he would to talk to you.

  1. 1

    "Through out this quiz you are going to have a pretend conversation with Harry Styles, answer the questions truthfully."

  2. 2

    Harry Styles says, "Hey ____! How's it going?" You reply...

  3. 3

    Harry says, "Oh, that's nice. Are you a fan of 1D?" You say...

  4. 4

    "Really? So who's your favorite member?" You say...

  5. 5

    "Cool, Cool... So are you coming to our concert tonight?" You reply...

  6. 6

    "Sweet, I hope to see you there! But in the mean while would you like back stage passes. You could talk to me and the rest of the band!" You answer him by...

  7. 7

    After he gives you the ticket's he says goodbye. You say...

  8. 8

    Harry leaves...

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