Have a conversation with Louis Tomlinson!!!


Hellooooo, upon request I have decided to make more conversation quizzes for the rest of One Direction! YAY! happy dances hahaha Let's do this! Enjoy Louis! By the way, choose what you would do if you were ACTUALLY talking to Louis!

  1. 1

    So, before I bring in Louis, promise me you won't pass out or die or anything. Okay? I won't be held responsible! :)

  2. 2

    "Hello, love!"

  3. 3

    "It's nice to meet you! Would like some Yorkshire tea?"

  4. 4

    "Okay! How are you today?"

  5. 5

    "That's interesting. I've had a great day, getting into some mischief and playing for you guys today! Hmm...I guess I shouldn't have done that to the toilets..." (cheeky grin)

  6. 6

    "Well, thanks. You like my new braces/suspenders?"

  7. 7

    "Thank you! You look great today, by the way!"

  8. 8

    "You're welcome! This has been fun!"

  9. 9

    "Uh-oh, I hear someone yelling at me. I guess I have to go remove plastic wrap from some toilets! Bye!"

  10. 10

    Anyone pass out or die? :p

  11. 11

    Comment and rate! Bye!

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