Silver Thorns (a wwyff quiz) Part Nine

by: Revenant_Bane

Part Nine!
and wow, I didn't know I could write this intensely....

  1. 1

    RECAP: Oh my, It's the full moon! Orient is wrestling Kain, and you've locked yourself in the nearest room! .... Did I mention that it was Leone's room?

  2. 2

    The footsteps start up again, and you sigh with relief as they seem to vanish down the corner. Suddenly, the door flies open, crashing off its hinges. It skids across the floor and comes to a stop

  3. 3

    ...... A sillouette with spiky hair and a sword. He cracks his knuckles silently, and takes a step closer. Then another. And another.

  4. 4

    Another step, and he's standing over you. Then he kneels in front of you and puts his hands on the wall on both sides of your head, cutting off your escape.

  5. 5

    He gets really close to you, so close you can feel his breath on your neck. Then Lloyd yawns, displaying his fangs and a sense of playfulness you've never seen in him.

  6. 6

    "Let's play a game." He whispers, his breath tickling your neck. "I like hide and seek. What about you?" You get a feeling you're going to play hide and seek one way or another. "Come on." He giggles

  7. 7

    "Go!" He says, and shoves you away from him. You run blindly, as fast as you can. Somewhere behind you, you hear Lloyd say, "Ready or not, here I come!" Terror drives you faster. You turn a corner,

  8. 8

    Lloyd grabs you. "That's cheating." He whispers, his mouth behind your ear. "You have to stay inside." He picks you up bridal style and ignores your struggling. He carries you down the hallway, to

  9. 9

    He approaches you slowly, taking his time. You back up until you hit the wall, and whimper. Lloyd cups your face in his hand, and says sweetly, "Don't be scared..... It won't hurt..... much."

  10. 10

    Before you know it, his mouth is on yours, and he's kissing you roughly. But this is not the way you want to be kissed. You scream through the kiss, but Lloyd ignores it. He pulls at the collar of

  11. 11

    Lloyd's lips find your neck, and he kisses it up and done for a while, and then he stops. He bites down, and you feel a strange tugging sensation. You start to scream as pain racks your body, and

  12. 12

    Then, the lock on Lloyd's door pops right off, and the door swings open. Standing in the door is a boy holding a scythe. You can't see his face, but he seems familiar.

  13. 13

    Cliffhanger! See ya! Comment and Rate, pray this comes through on quibblo first time no hassle!

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