The Outcast a wwyff

The Outcast a wwyff

by: oJdelight56

Your name is michelle but you prefere mitchy. you are 17 and extremly smart. You have one younger brother. You arent popular but you arent a loser eather. sorry i cant spell

  1. 1

    You groan when your alarm goes. 5:00 is too early. Stupid school. You get ready quickly and start the long walk to school.

  2. 2

    You are almost therewhen a cat jumped in front of you. Just when you were about to hit the ground someone grabbed you and pulled you up. " Are you okay miss?" the man asked. " Sorry my cat tripped

  3. 3

    "thank you for catching me but i have to get to school so bye" then you turn and walk away. You get to school and all goes well until you fall asleep in class. You are shocked awake by the bell for

  4. 4

    When you sit down by your friend it comes over to you and jumps on you lap. "A kitty! isnt it cute" your best friend lizzy says reaching to pet the cat. " A boy that you had never seen before came

  5. 5

    Here you go you say handing him over. the bell rings and lunch is over. You finish out the rest of the day then head to detention. When they finally let you go home it was dark. You had not been

  6. 6

    You heard a dog growl and a scream and the blue sparks vanished. You fell to the floor gasping for air. The same man that saved you from fallin that morning appeared in front of you. he was saying

  7. 7

    You woke up in a bight room. When your eyes adjusted to the roomyou saw that you where in a hospital like place. A guy was curled up on a chair sleeping, next to your bed. You coged rather loudly

  8. 8

    "Are you okay" you asked but he wasnt there anymore. THere was just a pillow on the ground. then the pillow turned into a person. You where about to scream when he yelled"dont freak out! Its okay,

  9. 9

    the other guy left and matt sat down on the chair. You both sat there in an acward silence. You were about to say something when the boy returned with the guy with the awesome eyes and another boy

  10. 10

    The guy with awesome eyes then began introducing everyone "I am William and i am a Warlock. the one with brown hair is Andrew and he is a werewolf. That is Victor and he is a shapeshifter"ponting to

  11. 11

    Ending here. Like it. hate it. let me know in the coments.

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