The Outcast a wwyff part 2

The Outcast a wwyff part 2

by: oJdelight56

Second part done. All is explained in this one. This is alot better than the first one. Again i cant spell. Recap: You woke up and got introduced to the guys.

  1. 1

    "ok now that i know who yu are would you mind telling me where i am and how i got here?" you say. "You are at The outcast headquarter. You got attaked by a warlock and passed out so we took you here

  2. 2

    William bit his lip and looked at Victor. victor nodded and said"Your parents are missing. Orignally we wre gong to take you home but when we got there the place was in ruins."

  3. 3

    Matt stood up and said" i think we should let her be alone for alittle" then he walked out followed shortly by the others.

  4. 4

    You sat there for a little while but then you realized how hungry you were. You got out of bed and wlaked out of the room. YOu started wandering around hoping to find someone to lead you to the

  5. 5

    Nobody answered so you knocked again. this time you heard a groan and then "If you are victor then go away!!" "Its Michelle" You heared another groan and then the door opened revealing Matt with a

  6. 6

    Matt came back out a few minutes later looking neater. On the way down you were able to get a good look at him. He was rather short with black hair and eyes. He had two cat ears sticking out of his

  7. 7

    When you get to the kitchen the most wonderful smell hits you. You see that Andrew is cooking but you cant tell what."what do you want cat?" andrew said. "I was just showing Michelle the kitchen"

  8. 8

    You were saved by a guy walking into the room. "Whats up guys, um are you okay?" he asked. matt gave the guy a dirty look the walked outand Andrew went back to cooking. "who are you?" you asked

  9. 9

    "Victor leave her alone" andrew sighed. William walked and said"Something mell absoulutly delightful. Michelle you are up. Would you like me to explain what this all is?"

  10. 10

    Yes but can i have something to eat?" you asked " Of course. What do you want? You can have anything, anything at all." William told you

  11. 11

    andrew hands you whatever you asked for then William began explain " Long ago all the creatures where equeal. Then the warlocks decide to take over because they are the most powerful. To do this

  12. 12

    "why did that warlock try to kill me and why did they take me family" you asked "I think you might be were-thing. i do not know what kind but that is the only reason they would go after you and your

  13. 13

    Ending here. Dont foget to rate and reveiw.

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