Dead or alive? Or Vampire?!

Dead or alive? Or Vampire?!

by: xNeverxGiveupxEverx

Will you be human at the end of this test of survial or Vampire, or just plain DEAD.... The first one i did was kinda about Vampire Diaries but this one is like about your life and if vamps were real ( hay they might be!)So its like part 2.....

  1. 1

    Do you think this is going to be a wierd quiz?

  2. 2

    Well it might be so are you ready?

  3. 3

    OK, what would you do if, a hot guy walks into the bar your at and is single O.o

  4. 4

    You choose not to go up to him, but to just chill with your friends, the guy winks at you, and your friends are saying to get your butt over there! You say;

  5. 5

    Whatever you said, your friends made you, but your friend named ( im just going to make up an name ) Avery came with, cause the guy who winked at you had a hot friend where-do-you-sit-

  6. 6

    In the end, Avery made you sit next to the guy who winked at you, his name is Ky, he has brown hair and icey blue eyes, and is H-O-T

  7. 7

    His friend is named Sonic, he has Red hair with blue strips, and green eyes, and IS H-O-T

  8. 8

    2 HOURS LATER you and your friend are drunk, Ky and Sonic are walking in the park with you guys, how do you feel?

  9. 9

    you guys come to 2 paths in the road, Sonic says to go left and Ky says to go right, who do you choose?

  10. 10

    Avery went with the oposite person you did ( like if you chose Ky, she chose Sonic ) if you did Ky, when you guys are alone he pushed you against the wall, what do you do?

  11. 11

    If you chose Sonic, he walked you home. Then just before you stepped inside your house, he grabbed you and made a run for it, but he was extreamly fast! ( as in super speed! )

  12. 12

    You wake up in your room, it was an nightmare, but when you get to school/HS/work, Sonic and Ky are waiting for you

  13. 13

    Should i make another one, but like its part 2? Cause this is the last question! ( Please comment on what you got and if i should make another one )

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