Lmao! This is something that happened to me in school today...

This might be kinda dirty so if you hate dirty stories or whatever then leave. But honestly this is funny xD

Chapter 1

OMG I can't stop laughing.

Okay, so I was in Science class today, and we were talking about the Human Body. Then, we began to talk about Reproduction and then it turned about the gropings done to young kids. (Yeah in Science we always go off topic!!) I sit by my friend, Angel, he's weird and quiet and doesn't really fool around. Angel raises his hand and (impatiently) wait for the teacher to call on him. When she finally does Angel asks:

"Aren't we like groping ourselves in the shower because we're touching our genitals and body in a weird way?"

Then, the teacher said:

"Well, Angel only when you use your hands."

Then, the class started to laugh so loud that the teachers from down the hall (Which is pretty far | | about that far) could hear us! It was so funny. Oh god you just had to be there LOL!


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